Risultati immagini per Mr SardonicusUn film di William Castle. Con Oskar HomolkaRonald LewisAudrey DaltonGuy Rolfe Horrorb/n durata 89 min.

In 1880, in the fictional central European country of Gorslava, prominent London physician Sir Robert Cargrave (Ronald Lewis) visits the mysterious Baron Sardonicus (Guy Rolfe) at the urgent request of Cargrave’s former love, Maude (Audrey Dalton), now the baron’s wife. Sir Robert becomes apprehensive when his inquiries about Sardonicus are met with fear. When Sir Robert arrives at Castle Sardonicus, his fears are quickly justified: He sees Sardonicus’ servant Krull (Oskar Homolka) torturing another of the baron’s servants with leeches.

Maude is afraid of what may happen if Sir Robert refuses Sardonicus’ requests. Even Krull is not immune to the baron’s cruelty; he is missing an eye, lost to Sardonicus’ anger.Mr Sardonicus_s.jpg

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